Christine Cranston

Christine Cranston              29th July 1939 - 16th February 2017

Many people do much to support our church, none more so than Christine Cranston, who passed away on Thursday, 16th February. Christine could often be found in and around the church, quietly ensuring that everything would run smoothly. The fridge was never without milk, the minister was never without her cup of tea just before Sunday service, the communion table was never without its correct furnishings, all thanks to Christine. She supported everyone with a quiet word of encouragement when it was most needed, those enjoying a wedding or a christening, those mourning the loss of a loved one could always rely on Christine to be there quietly offering the hand of friendship. This was obviously how she lived her life and on Friday, 3rd March her family and many friends filled the church to capacity to celebrate all that she meant to so many.  In the months to come we will be thinking of her daughters, Carolyn and Jen and their families as they come to terms with losing her so suddenly and we, her church family and friends, will reflect fondly how much she meant to us all.



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