Mission Projects

Laos is an impoverished country bordering China and Thailand.   Extreme poverty exposes young girls to people trafficking.   The children of Laos are offered lucrative jobs in Thailand with the promise of good wages.   They grasp at the opportunity of being able to make a life for themselves and making enough to send money home to their families.   The good jobs don't exist.   Children are prostituted in the seedy bars of Bangkok, they receive little for themselves and often never see their family again.


We are working in partnership with Liz Gilchrist a Livingstone lady who is carrying on the tremendous work of her daughter Rachael.   Various projects are being established to help communities of Laos be more self sufficient and less susceptible to their children being lured away by people traffickers.   Projects Liz is currently involved in are fish farming, established by a devout fisherman from Fraserburgh, and a mushroom farm.  


Liz visited recently and we were able to give her a generous donation towards this work, and our outreach group sent little hand puppets for the children who have very few toys.  


It is wonderful to send love and smiles to the precious little children of Laos, may God bless this wonderful work Liz is doing in Rachael's memory.   We feel very privileged to support Liz and hope and pray that this is a long lasting and fruitful partnership.

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Mission Projects
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